About Us

Calgary City Jobs founded by Sagheer Anjum in 2019. It was just a simple page on social media but after getting the immense interest and response from our followers and users, we decided to create a proper website to serve them in a better way. We are a team of dedicated professionals sharing useful information and resources with job seekers to get employed faster and helping employers to display their jobs in front of candidates actively looking for jobs.

What do we do?

Calgary City Jobs is an online job portal to connect job seekers and employers. It is a kind of forum that helps job seekers to connect with recruiters actively looking for candidates to fill up their vacancies. The portal provides job seekers with a number of services that enable them to browse through enlisted jobs and apply online and send resumes to prospective employers in minutes.

What Next?

We are planning to enhance the functionality of our website to enable job seekers to register on the website and create a profile to be contacted by recruiters for relevant opportunities.